Like my life, this blog is a mess.

So, hey. Whoever has stumbled across this weird ‘blog,’ I don’t even know how long I will continue this, or not.

So, hey (I’ve already said this) Welcome to my wee little world. I wanted to create this blog because, I feel I have so much bottled up and this is a way to express myself without being on camera, and probably interfering Youtubes community policy. If you know who I am, you will know me as a weird person who likes making weird edits on Youtube…behind the scenes, never in front of them.

I will warn you before hand, this blog is gonna be a giant mess!! I’m going to write about everything in my life, from my days at college to new TV shows I discover. Even to clothes I buy.

So, take this blog as a pinch of salt, and just buckle yourselves.

Whoever is reading this….well done.

BTW I’m kinda sarcastic, can’t you tell? 😉

Speak later,